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opsEaster in Spain, is an ongoing time of celebration with towns and villages celebrating in their own way. Mula has a tradition of beating drums, where the towns people walk around dressed in black beating drums, even children and babies in buggies had drums. I wish I knew enough Spanish to understand the history of their customs and rituals; maybe next year when we are back again. I really must make the effort to learn the language.

Yesterday in Santiago de la Ribera we experienced the “Sardine Festival”, where, mostly women girls and children danced along the sea front, in scanty feather costumes. Some were encased in elaborate feather contraptions on wheels. I have never seen such elaborate processions as here in Spain.

Having reached their destination music played whilst huge queues formed for free beer and plates of bread and fish. The beaches were heavily populated with families enjoying the sunshine. A few brave bathers were in the sea. Cars filled every possible parking space. I’m told this is part of a week’s celebration. “Santa Samana” the week of the Saints.

We have visited Spain at various times of the year and often watched a parade or festival, they really are spectacular. Our winter in the sun is turning into quite an adventure, At Christmas time there was a huge nativity scene taking up the town square, followed by the arrival of “The Three Kings”, who threw toys and sweets out of their carriages for the children. A colourful parade in February and various other parades with the bands playing. A few weeks ago we were at a mountain village festival.

So why are we spending winter in the sun? A few years ago I decided I had, had enough cold English winters and I would set up an internet business with my laptop. I now have an affiliate marketing hobby business, which, with the guidance of a mentor is growing and is hugely satisfying. This keeps me busy whilst my sporty squash coach partner disappears to play squash or paddle tennis in the mornings.

Working with a mentor I have sales pages provided and need not build a website or source products for my customers, The sales bring me generous commissions, 50% or more. My up-to-date training is provided with regular videos and webinars, offering new twists on old marketing methods. All this makes learning new skills easier and quicker, there is also the companionship of other entrepreneurs in the group.

So if like me warm winters and working anywhere with a laptop appeals to you, make a plan now and learn affiliate marketing with the guidance of a good mentor.

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