Tips to Succeed in Selling Resell Rights Products

opYou have a collection of digital products on your computer and you intend to make money with the products. You have also understood the rights you gain from the products. You may have understood that making money with those products is by selling them. But how to succeed in selling the resell rights products?

Through this article I’ll show you three tips you can use to succeed in selling resell rights products.

Do Research for Keywords of Your Products

The first thing you should do to succeed in selling resell rights products is that you give people what they want through your products. You offer everything needed or solutions for your customers.

It’s been admitted that people searching in the internet is to find information. The information could be used to overcome their problems. Therefore, you should know what people want. To get this, you have to do the keyword research.

Ideally, keyword research is done before you determine the type of your business. However, since you’ve had your resell rights products, you can search keywords related to your products.

For instance, you’ve had a collection of health and fitness products. In this case, you should do the research by using health and fitness as your main keywords. They are your seed keywords.

By doing this, you’ll find a list of related-health keywords and related-fitness keywords. Then, based on each keyword, or a combination of several keywords, you write the content and publish on your website.

Supply Fresh Content Regularly to Your Website

You’ve created keyword-based content for your website. Then you should publish them regularly on it. So that your website will be always fresh or always updated.

Having regular updates is important to your website. Search engines love this very much. People will also come and come back to you website if they know that your website is updated regularly or has good and fresh content.

In addition, if your website provides solutions to your visitors, more and more people will come to your website. You’ll have your loyal readers too.

It’s better to publish 10 articles in 10 times than publish 10 articles only once. And this is far much better you publish 10 articles for day one, 10 articles for day two, 10 articles for day three, etc till day 10. This means that during 10 days you’ve published 100 articles.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

If you consistently update your website by providing fresh content your website will finally get targeted traffic. But this will take long time. To get traffic soon, you should do some steps.

The first thing to do is that you register your website to major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This step will notify the search engines that you have a new website and therefore the search engines will index your website as well as the updates.

Then, you can also promote your website to your friends or communities. You may want to use social media like Facebook and or Twitter or the like.


You can succeed in selling resell rights products by applying the tips above. First, you do research for keywords related to your products. Second, with the use of your keywords, you create content and publish on your website regularly in order to make your it keep fresh. And, you do some steps to get traffic to your website.

mimin / January 24, 2016 / Internet


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