Three Types of Ugly Christmas Sweaters to Choose from

It has become impossible to ignore, because there are even books being written about America’s growing obsession and the trend of the ugly Christmas sweater. Two of the grandfathers of the ugly sweater, Bill Crosby and Chevy Chase, made the ugly Christmas sweater famous. Though no one is sure which made the trend famous, it is growing more popular every holiday season. With that being said, there are a few different types of ugly Christmas sweaters on the market to choose from as the holidays slide in on the cooler weather. Read on below for a few of the type of ugly Christmas sweaters you can choose from this holiday season.

Vintage Grandmamma Ugly Christmas Sweater

Your grandmamma, and elderly aunt, or some member of your family that you don’t see except on the holidays usually makes this sweater type. The sweater usually comes with a story attached, is often a homemade sweater done by needlepoint, and has garish decorations attached.

Not Quite Sure Ugly Christmas Sweater

The not quite sure ugly Christmas sweater is hard to fit into a category. These sweaters are downright ugly but not garish and gaudy enough to fit into any ugly Christmas sweater category. You aren’t sure whether this ugly sweater is a normal part of the persons wardrobe or if they are indeed trying for it to be ugly. The best advice on this one is not to ask which it is; you should just compliment them on their sweater and move on.

The Over the Top Ugly Christmas Sweater

This is the type of ugly Christmas sweater that gives you that “oh wow” moment when you first see it. This sweater will have battery packs, large stuffed animals, and often humongous Christmas ornaments and decorations hanging from it. This one also says that it was a last ditch effort to come up with something for the Christmas party, but that is beside the point.

These are just a few of the types of ugly Christmas sweaters for you to choose from this holiday season. You can visit for more information today.

writer / November 16, 2016 / Advertising & Marketing