Create A Website That STANDS OUT

ruHow can you get more people interested in your website/products?

The Internet is a 24-hour lead machine. It has the potential for selling products and attracting interest even while you sleep. On the other hand, if not utilized strategically, the Internet can cause more trouble and damage to your business than good. Here, we will look at 4 methods people and businesses can utilize to improve their online influence through strategic SEO techniques.

The number and quality of inbound links on you website directly impacts your website’s rating. An inbound link is a hyperlink from another website to your website. Because of the positive effect of inbound links to a website, some company resort to buying inbound links from other websites. However, this activity can lead to more harm than good and is forbidden by search engines. Search engines are now very good at detecting suspicious or unnatural links within websites. A detection of manipulative links can cause your website ratings to plummet; in worse case scenarios, the search engine has the right to remove your website entirely from the host site. To improve the chances of inbound links to your site, we recommend you focus on developing content that is interesting and relevant to the majority of people who will visit your website.

Title tags are still important for increasing SEO results. Title tags should be present on all of your site pages and should be interesting and attractive to your target group of site visitors. (Titles play a huge role in creating interest in a page and explaining the purpose and desired action for the visitors.) Furthermore, titles that are too long or too short can hurt your SEO effort. Your programmers should find the ideal balance. Meta descriptions follow the same guidelines as the title tags. The description should not be too long and not too short. Page descriptions that are too long will discourage viewers from reading while descriptions that are too short can prevent viewers from understanding the desired action on the page. A balance is required. Other elements that will affect your pages ranking include external links (the hyperlinks to other websites), images, text formatting, bullet points, and H1 tags (usually the title of a post of other important text on your page) There are services available that can audit your website information to find potential SEO problems for your website, but most of them are paid.

The information and content posted on your website should be original and fresh for users. Information that is duplicated from other websites is frowned upon by search engines and can further damage your website ranking. New and original ideas have far greater potential for attracting customer interest and being shared than copying information that is out of date and has already been “sitting” online for several years. Encourage the writers of your website to produce new ideas/materials or to build on what other sites offer. With the idea of new content in mind, many companies include a blog on their website because new and original information will be posted by your customers and can increase your SEO benefits.

If the information on your website has been view-able for an extended period of time, people will lose interest in your website. You should make a continual effort in updating and posting new content on your website. This will greatly increase interest and viewers on your website. Certain groups of people might be interested and likely to view the content of one piece of information you post. At the same time, changing the content might attract a group with different interests. Thus, by regularly updating and refreshing your information, you can gain greater numbers of viewers overall.

The days of attempting to increase SEO ratings through stuffing your website with keywords is over. Search engines are cracking down on this type of activity because it doesn’t focus on quality. Other web designers try to insert specific words into their text to increase their SEO chances. However, such actions may sound unnatural to your viewers, increasing the chances of lowering overall ratings and user activity. As a rule of thumb, to increase your SEO ratings, focus on creating quality. This will make your search engine provider happy, create interest among your viewers, and will increase the likelihood of people sharing your information and coming to your site.

mimin / December 14, 2015 / Internet