Buying Real Instagram Followers vs. Fake

For those who believe all sites offer real Instagram followers, you’re a victim of swindling. Many websites don’t promise true followers: they promise accounts in general. Many of these accounts are quickly-created spam accounts that Instagram detects rather quickly and deletes. In return, you lose out on a “follower” and money too.

Overview of the advantages of real Instagram followers:

  • Your followers and likes can turn into conversions.
  • You will start to gain a positive response based on your acquired following.
  • The quality of your brand and feed will look better based on your follower count.
  • When a ton of people like your photos, it shows up in the feeds and “recommended” section of Instagram, garnering your account new followers and lurkers.

Real vs. Fake

Reliable websites don’t automatically send 500 accounts to follow you in an instant. Reputable companies will target your potential fans through specific keywords that relate to your brand. So how do you tell which ones are real and which are fake? Simply look at their profile.

Many fake accounts that are solely meant to follow paying customers will lack quality content and have less than 15 real posts. We mention “real” posts because spam accounts often post spam pictures to make their account numbers seem real, regardless of the content. Bad fake accounts will also use an extremely attractive female with little to no clothing as their default to attract real followers. Again, this is to seem real when in fact, they aren’t.

Real profiles will have a bio that appears to describe the user of the account along with normal posts. It’s worth mentioning that fake spam accounts usually follow thousands of people – these are the paying customers. Real accounts may follow a ton of individuals but may have a higher real follower count, higher post amount, and content of actual substance. Real comments and interaction on their posts are a great indicator of their validity.

How Real Instagram Followers Are Found

When you buy real Instagram followers or likes, the company you go through targets the demographic of your choosing through hashtags and other Instagram users’ followers. In doing so, you not only boost up your numbers but you increase your brand and personal recognition.

A reliable company that will truly deliver fast, real followers will have a computer software system that can target them. You should never choose a company that does their work manually with someone personally logging into your account. A reputable company will never have someone actually log into your account and everything takes place on the outside.

Even when you’re sleeping, you’re able to have your Instagram growing as big as your favourite celebrities. Campaigns typically run 24/7 when you order a package from a social media visibility service. If you don’t have the time to sit down and go through thousands of profiles pitching yourself in the form of likes, you should highly consider an automated service that will do the task for you!

mimin / September 2, 2016 / Internet